Sports Physiotherapy

The International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy (IFSP) is a worldwide Federation which represents national Sports Physiotherapy organisations. The intention of IFSP is to be the international resource for Sports Physiotherapists to promote their profession through professional medical organisations.
The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is the sole international organisation representing physical therapists worldwide. It is dedicated to promoting the profession and improving global health.
Physiotherapy and sports injuries by Peak Performance – – This is a blog for the discussion of current concepts and recent advances in orthopedics and sports medicine for physical therapists, athletic trainers & other rehabilitations specialists.  Essentially, it is a pretty sweet blog where Mike shares some pearls of wisdom from his years of clinical experience. –
Sports Physiotherapy Australia (SPA)  latest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and use effective ‘hands-on’ management techniques to assist recovery and prevent injury.
Physiotherapy Site – Explaining the benefits of physiotherapy to prospective patients; and Providing a free help-line service to answer the many questions patients may have about Physiotherapists and how to make the most of a consultation
Physio Room – the ultimate sports injury website, Featuring physio and first aid products, advice and injury prevention tips
 Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre was conceived with an emphasis on sports related injuries. Each surgeon concentrates on his or her chosen area of interest, whether it be knee, shoulder, hand, spine or foot and ankle. –
 I-Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, located within Island Hospital, is an orthopaedic, trauma, arthroscopy and sports clinic. 
SportsInjuryClinic Blog discusses current research in the field of sport injury management. –
BJSM Blogs: A peer review journal for health professionals and researchers in sport and exercise medicine. The blog briefly discusses current research in the field of sports medicine. –
SportsMD is the most trusted resource for sports health and fitness information for people engaged in sports everywhere. We have assembled the sports industry’s leading Doctors and health experts – each sharing valuable, practical advice to keep you playing injury-free. This site is definitely more for the athlete rather than the health professional, but delivers some good articles for easy reading. –
BJSM Videos: This YouTube channel has a series of detailed videos on the process of physical examination of musculoskeletal injuries.-
Sports Physiotherapy Videos: This YouTube channel is a compilation of the best sports physiotherapy videos available on YouTube. –

Forums are a great place to get free physiotherapy information. The general setup is that less experience sports physiotherapists, or even patients, can ask questions to be answered by physiotherapists with more experience in that area. The two best that I have found are:

PhysioForum –

Physical Therapist Forum –