Sports Library is a provider of information services to the sports sector and serves as a point of reference and information repository of national sports. Previously known as the Sports Library, it has also been known by various names during such time as the following:

  • 1988: Resource Center, Division of Sports Science, the National Sports Council
  • 1994: Information Management Center, Division of National Sports Institute, the National Sports Council.
  • 2006: Information Center, Division of Administration, the National Sports Institute.
  • 2010: Sports Information Center, Division of Corporate and International Affairs, the National Sports Institute.
  • 2016: Information Resource Center, National Coaching Academy, the National Sports Institute.
  • 2016: Sports Library, National Coaching Academy, the National Sports Institute.

Now, Sports Library is part of the National Coaching Academy, National Sports Institute of Malaysia. Sports Library consists of two Units, namely Library Services and Knowledge Management. It accommodates a collection of more than 20, 000 titles of monographs, 30 journal titles and 500 DVD and CD-ROM. Sports Library offers a wide collection of sports, sports science and sports medicine information. Sports Library also has a valuable collection of relevant results from Malaysia’s participation in various events. To get comprehensive facilities at the Sports Library, users can register as a member based on the following requirement:

  • Officers and members of the ISN / MSN / KBS (permanent and contract)
  • National coach (Elite, Junior & SSBJ)
  • National athlete (Elite & Junior)
  • Officers and staff of the NSC, Kuala Lumpur

Students and members of the public are also encouraged to visit Sports Library but they cannot become a registered member.  They can come in to the library to get a reading materials or reference purposes and should comply with the library rules as well.


  • Fostering a culture of reading among athletes, coaches, and officials of the National Sports Institute (ISN) and National Sports Council (NSC).
  • Manage and provide the latest information on sports science, sports medicine and sports technology.
  • Spreading information through the latest technology – Sports Library portal, social media, e-journals, e-magazine, and online databases.
  • Preserving archival materials of national sports through conservation (i.e, retagging, rearrange, etc.) and digitization of archive collections of sports.
  • Encourage the public to visit the Sports Library.