Membership is free and open to the following:

  • Employees of NSI/NSC/KBS (permanent and contract)
  • National Coaches (Podium, Elite & Junior)
  • Athletes (Podium, Elite & Junior)
  • Coaches who are registered with National Coaching Academy and possess License A (subject to term and condition)

Membership Application Procedures:

  1. Fill up membership form which is available at the Sports Library counter or download from National Coaching Academy website or click here.
  2. Submitted the completed form to Sports Library counter or you may send by post/email.
  3. Bring along your identification card during registration at the counter.
  4. For coaches registered with National Coaching Academy (apart from Podium, JPM & JSM), must bring along or attach a license copy (active) and SPKK certificate.
  5. Coaches who are possess license A and registered with National Coaching Academy (except Podium, JPM & JSM) will be given free membership card.
  6. Membership is valid for two (2) year. Renewal is free.
  7. Lost or damage of card will be fined for RM10 and postage RM10 (wil be charged to those concern).
  8. Card is not transferable.