Sports Library various collections of library materials which each collection has its own distinguished criteria. Some of the collections are permissible to be borrowed and some can only be referred in the library premise. So, the types of collection, its functions and usage are eminent to facilitate users to retrieve the library materials. To get access to our library collections, please visit to

Our collections:

  • Open Shelf Collection (Books)
  • Special Collection (Documentations – for reference only)
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Bulletins
  • Brochures
  • Online Database
  • Documentations – can only be referred in the Library
  • Multimedia collection
  • Archive Collection
  • Athletes profile
  • E-paper cutting
  • E-photo
  • Video recording (Sports Tournament)
  • Still Photo
  • Results of a major sporting events: SUKMA, SEA Games, ASEAN Games, Commonwealth Games, and Olympic Games.

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Giving and Donations:

Sports Library accepts gifts and donations that enhance and support the every facet of Sports Library operations – from enriching our holdings and expanding our resources, to preserving our collections, to improving our services with advanced technology.

However, we reserve the right to accept or reject or to determine the final disposition of gifts and donations material.  Duplicate or unwanted material may be given away or discarded of appropriately.