Library Services

Where is the Sports Library Located?

Sports Library located at :

Ground Floor,

National Coaching Academy,

Institut Sukan Negara Malaysia,

Kompleks Sukan Negara,

57000 Bukit Jalil,

Kuala Lumpur

What are the collections available?

Our collections:

  • Open Shelf Collection (Books)
  • Special Collection (Documentations – for reference only)
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Bulletins
  • Brochures
  • Online Database
  • Documentations – can only be referred in the Library
  • Multimedia collection
  • Archive Collection
  • Athletes profile
  • E-paper cutting
  • E-photo
  • Video recording (Sports Tournament)
  • Still Photo
  • Results of a major sporting events: SUKMA, SEA Games, ASEAN Games, Commonwealth Games, and Olympic Games.

Who is Entitled to be a Member?

Membership is free and open to the following:

  • Employees of NSI/NSC/KBS (permanent and contract)
  • National Coaches (Podium, Elite & Junior)
  • Athletes (Podium, Elite & Junior)
  • Coaches who are registered with National Coaching Academy and possess License A (subject to term and condition)

What is the Borrowing Policy?

Borrowing policies are as follow:

  1. Borrowers must be registered as a member of the Sports Library.
  2. Membership is open to the employees of NSI, NSC, KBS, coaches and athletes by fill up a membership form and furnish a passport-size photo.  Membership is free.  Refer to
  3. Only 2 books are allowed for each time of borrowing period (It is at the discretion of the management of Sports Library if more than 2 books).
  4. Each member is responsible for all materials borrowed on his name.
  5. Members need to bring their membership card for borrowing purposes at the Sports Library.  The card is not transferable.
  6. Borrowing period is three (3) weeks commencing from the date of loan.
  7. For extension of loan period, borrowers should:
  • Inform Sports Library through phone before due date of loan period (for the first time)
  • For the second extension, borrowers must come to Sports Library on his/her own (provided no request form other users)

What are the Services Available?

Our services including:

  • Lending of book collections of sports science, sports, technology, and sports medicine and others.
  • Reference services for the purpose of research and more.
  • Photocopying and scanning services (charges apply).
  • Internet facilities (free WIFI), ASTRO and WebOPAC.
  • A collection of photos and videos of sport.
  • Provision of e-journals and online databases for research purposes and digital sources.
  • The library facilities are user friendly.
  • Sport videos copying services (charged at RM10 per copy).
  • Free of charge services to employees of the ISN (provided the DVD / CD is brought together).

How to Register as a Member

Membership Application Procedures:

  1. Fill up membership form which is available at the Sports Library counter or download from National Coaching Academy website.
  2. Submitted the completed form to Sports Library counter or you may send by post/email.
  3. Bring along your identification card during registration at the counter.
  4. For coaches registered with National Coaching Academy (despite of Podium, JPM & JSM), must bring along or attach a license copy (active) and SPKK certificate.
  5. Coaches who are possess license A and registered with National Coaching Academy (except Podium, JPM & JSM) will be given free membership card.

Membership is valid for two (2) year. Renewal is free.

Lost or damage of card will be fined for RM10 and postage RM10 (wil be charged to those concern).

Card is not transferable.