What is DECODED?

"DECODED: Translating Science" is an in-house bulletin with the aim of sharing novel findings and scientific information in sports in a simplified manner. Our contributors summarise and highlight critical points from various sports research literature by abstracting, reorganising and condensing to make it an easier read. 

We hope this will help you save time and be able to focus on other critical issues such as meeting the needs of your athletes and also to help you identify articles that you might consider reading in full. We do remind you that reading the referenced article will give you information we might have missed and you can make your own interpretation from reading the full article.

The contributors of DECODED do not claim any copyright to the contents as it is the referenced author(s) solely. We welcome active participation from you where you can ask questions on sports and performance and we will endeavour to address it. We also welcome you to be a contributor and share the essence and the spirit of this bulletin.

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