A fitness specialist says: if you are training child athletes, remember not to treat them as adults in miniature. This statement was supported by Raphael Brandon.  The primary focus of sports activities for children is having fun. Besides, you should encourage sport sampling (playing more than one sport throughout the year) and promote physical literacy (the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life) as a foundation for sports programs. So what does a coach should do?

  • encourage young athletes to be active and to have fun;
  • plan purposeful practices and create engaging activities;
  • lead their participants in developing gross motor skills;
  • help participants identify how to improve their performance by providing constructive criticism and advice;
  • manage problems by making ethical and respectful decisions
  • enable safe participation by creating a safe environment
  • teach others how to respect themselves, others, and their sport.


MACKENZIE, B. (2003) Profile of a young athlete. Brian Mackenzie’s Successful Coaching, (ISSN 1745-7513/ 4 / August), p. 1-2


Prepared by: Wan Norafzan Wan Mahadi, AKK