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8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

It was found that 80 percent of all dieters fail in their diets in the first seven days. The UK food company Alpro did a clinical study in 2013 and found that 10 percent fail after the second day. So if you’re not losing weight, then at least you aren’t alone, right? Wrong. The casual dieter cannot lose weight because of excuses, but the people that really need to lose weight are able to keep the pounds off.

The New York Times reported that between 15 and 20 percent of the people who lost 100 pounds a year prior never gained the weight back. It is possible to lose weight and it is possible to keep the weight off. You just need to understand why your diet is failing.

1. Fad Diets Fail Miserably

If you want to lose weight, then stop chasing the “diet of the week.” Successful diets take time to implement and require a serious lifestyle change. The new diet based on marshmallows and squash has no track record and no real history of success. If you want to have real success with a diet, then find one that people have been successfully using for years and use it properly.

2. You Didn’t Talk To Your Doctor

Your doctor knows your body better than you do when it comes to how your body works. That is why you need to seek out your doctor’s advice before starting any diet. Your doctor may give you a referral to a dietitian, or your doctor may make some recommendations on their own that you can use to lose weight. But the most qualified person to tell you how to lose weight is your doctor and that is where your dieting journey begins.

3. You Tried A Crash Diet

Whenever you try a drastic change to your eating habits to lose weight, you are doing two things. First, you are putting your body in danger of real physical harm by denying yourself important nutrients. Secondly, you are insuring that whatever weight you lose will be gained right back the moment you stop with the crash diet. A diet needs to be something that you use to alter the way you eat and look at food. A crash diet will help you lose weight quickly, but it will also show you why it is called a crash diet and not a successful diet.

4. You Set Unrealistic Expectations

When you decide in April that you want to lose 40 pounds by June 1 so you can fit into your swimsuit better, then you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. A successful diet is something that is planned out and executed over time. It is not a way for you to fit into the Hollywood version of attractive overnight.

When you begin your diet, set milestone dates and realistic goals that you can reach. For example, tell yourself that you want to lose two pounds in the first week. When you achieve that goal, you will give yourself the confidence you need to continue on to the next milestone.

5. You Are Trying To Do It Alone

Young people who live at home need to talk to their parents about weight loss in order to get the necessary support to succeed. When your parents understand your goals and your diet, then they can alter the shopping and cooking habits for the house to accommodate your needs.

If you have a spouse, then get your spouse involved in your weight loss adventure for support and help with creating the right kinds of meals. You may find that your spouse gets involved in the diet with you and you both wind up feeling healthier.

6. You Substituted Foods You Love With Foods You Hate

Did you know that steak, bologna, and tuna have little to no carbohydrates at all? While all three can be dangerous to your cholesterol, they can also be helpful to your diet in small doses. Too many people start diets by giving up the foods they love and replacing them with foods they hate. Nothing insures the failure of your diet more than forcing yourself to eat foods you hate.

Instead of eating foods you do not like, do some research and replace foods you can no longer eat with foods that you like. If you make your diet a reason to suffer, then you will never be able to stick with it and lose weight. Find foods that fit in your diet, and that you like, and you will see the pounds start falling off.

7. You Are Not Dieting And Exercising

If you only diet, then you will have a hard time losing weight. If you only exercise and still eat what you want, then you will be really tired and unable to lose weight. The key to losing weight is to alter your eating habits and then burn off the excess fat with some exercise.

The problem that most people have is they hate the classic idea of getting into a gym and exercising. The great thing is that you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. As long as you work up a good sweat four or five times a week, then you will lose weight. You can even turn it to your advantage by mowing lawns around your neighborhood a few times a week. You get the exercise you need and you make a few bucks on the side. Be creative with exercise and make it work to your advantage.

8. You Are Not Drinking Water

According to the medical experts at WebMD, drinking a glass of water before a meal caused people to consume around 75 less calories per meal. If you multiply that by three for three meals a day and then by 365 days a year, you get a lot of weight loss.

Medical experts are constantly arguing about how much water people should drink to help lose weight. The old standard used to be around 96 ounces per day broken down into eight glasses, but now experts are saying that the amount of water you should drink depends on your height and weight. What the experts all agree on is that drinking water is critical for any diet, so start drinking at least 96 ounces of water a day and you will see results.

Weight loss is not a game that can be won or lost. It is a serious change in lifestyle that will help you to feel better physically and mentally. If you have hit a roadblock in your weight loss, then re-evaluate your methods and determine what you are doing wrong. In the end, it is all about your health and the best things you can do to improve it.

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